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DC/AC Converter e-ast CL 300-12, 12V/230V, 300 W



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DC/AC Converter e-ast CL 300-12, 12V/230V, 300 W

Description: DC/AC Converter e-ast CL 300-12, 12V/230V, 300 W


Sinusoidal voltage converters are suitable for widespread use in cars, trucks, caravans or boats, are designed for 220V power supply appliances from 12V battery. The output voltage is a pure sine wave. Suitable for powering all kinds of appliances with a resistive load for appliances with inductive loads such as motors, pumps, refrigerators, lamps etc. Further, this drive is suitable for the reliable and safe supply of TVs, DVDs, PCs, printers, measuring instruments and other electrical. appliances. Acoustic signaling undervoltage, or overload. Resistant to short-circuit. Battery discharge protection. Note: The inverter is designed for permanent long-term loads, eg, the use of solar power plants. 

Technical parameters:
  • type (manufacturer): ClassicPower CL300-12
  • standby power consumption: 0.2 to 0.3 A
  • inputs: Screw terminals
  • outputs (power): 1x earthed plug socket
  • output signal form: modified sinusoidal wave 
  • output frequency: 50 Hz
  • output voltage: 230 V / AC
  • cooling: fan
  • degree of efficiency at rated load: 85%
  • remote control: No
  • output power: 300 W
  • output peak power: 600 W

  • continuous description
  • input
  • screw terminals

  • automatic shutdown at low voltage to protect battery
  • overvoltage shutdown
  • overload protection and short circuit protection with automatic restart function



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