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DC/AC Converter e-ast CL 300-24, 24V/230V, 300 W



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DC/AC Converter e-ast CL 300-24, 24V/230V, 300 W

Description: DC/AC Converter e-ast CL 300-24, 24V/230V, 300 W

Converter generates from 24 V DC voltage sinusoidal AC voltage. Sinusoidal voltage converters are suitable for widespread use in cars, trucks, caravans or boats, are designed for 230 V power supply appliances from 12V battery. The output voltage is a pure sinusoidal wave.
Connect directly to the battery and can be used eg. Battery chargers, laptops or other electric devices, always taking the max. continuous power output.


Technical parameters:
  • type (manufacturer): CL300-24
  • power: 300 W
  • power consumption: 353 W
  • standby power consumption: 0.2 to 0.3 A
  • inputs: Screw terminals
  • outputs (power): 1x plug socket
  • output signal form: modified sinusoidal wave 
  • output frequency: 50 Hz
  • output voltage: 230 V / AC
  • cooling: fan
  • degree of efficiency at rated load: 85%
  • remote control: No
  • output power: 300 W
  • output peak power: 600 W
  • input voltage: 24 V/DC (22 - 28 V)
  • weight: 0.86 Kg

  • automatic shutdown at low voltage to protect battery
  • overvoltage shutdown
  • overload protection and short circuit protection with automatic restart function



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