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Front Shock Absorber Lovells Isuzu Colorado, D-Max (08-) +5cm



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Front Shock Absorber Lovells Isuzu Colorado, D-Max (08-) +5cm

Description: Front Shock Absorber Lovells Isuzu Colorado, D-Max (08-) +5cm

Reinforced construction Twin-Tube (Two-Pipe). Additional control rod inside the cylinder. The space between the inner surface of cylinder serves as the collecting chamber. Shock absorbers are extended by 60 mm for increased oil level. Doubling the capacity of oil compared with the series shock absorbers. Thanks to Lovells, shocks are much better absorbed. Quickly adapts to changing road conditions.

  • teflon-coated and strengthened pistons, to ensure proper functioning at any temperature
  • multi-stage valve system allows dynamic damping settings for all conditions
  • the piston shaft is made of hardened chrome to minimize friction and wear, diameter 18 mm
  • high quality piston seals, high temperature reduces friction and provides longer life 
  • massive walls 2mm thick, shock absorbers Lovells are among the strongest on the market
  • filled with a gas at low pressure, which allows the maximum attenuation in extreme conditions, without unnecessary delay gives you more control over the vehicle
  • all fittings are welded to the shock with great care and precision to ensure high strength
  • Lovells shock absorbers are tested on a dynamometer
  • price is per 1 piece

  • pin : eye

  • uncompressed: 398 mm
  • compressed: 262 mm
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Shock absorbers Gas Legend Twin Tube are specifically designed for each car model. The new technology is based on many years of research in the field of off-road races. Made in Australia.


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