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Inner Air Beadlock 7-8,5´´ Disc R16



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Inner Air Beadlock 7-8,5´´ Disc R16

Description: Inner Air Beadlock 7-8,5´´ Disc R16

Proffesional solution - inner air beadlock. Made of heavy-duty cloth. Enables to drive with minimum tire pressure 0.5 - 0.8 ATM. In extreme situations without the air in tires!

The Inner Air beadlocks are based on an inner tube design, but the tube doesn’t support the whole tire, just the bead. It goes inside the wheel and a heavy-duty sleeve pushes outward against the inside of the tire when inflated, in effect locking both the inner and outer bead to the inside of the wheel.  Though it takes some care during installation the resulting beadlocks are lightweight and stand up great to off-road abuse.

The system requires drilling a small hole in the wheel for the inner tube valve stem.

Size: 7 - 8.5 inches

Disc/Wheel: R16


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