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Rear Adjustable Axle Arms (Lower) Nissan Patrol GR Y61



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Rear Adjustable Axle Arms (Lower) Nissan Patrol GR Y61

Description: Rear Adjustable Axle Arms (Lower) Nissan Patrol GR Y61

These adjustable rear trailing (lower) arms 
has standard length and are not extendable. The advantage is in material strength and heavy-duty design. Ideal for suspension with lift from 0 cm, therefore the serial suspension across all common suspesnion lift up to +12.5 cm.

These arms connect rear axle with chassi (two longer arms on the rear axle). Price is per two pieces of arms, a set on one car.

Suitable for expedition and sports use. If happened to you, that your serial arms has bent or otherwise damaged, this is ideal solution.

Arms are made of thick-walled tubes, wich increases strength compared with the original/serial arms. It is more resistant to bending.

Corrosion protection using zinc in the form of a passive element for durability. Eyes of arms are the same size as the original, and therefore our bushes can be used for rod installation. The price is per 2 arms without bushes. It is recommended to order also bushes. See following link:


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